General Interest Meeting

Hi everyone,

With the semester now well under way, we at CCFP are very excited to get the organization up and running again.  First off, we would like to thank Mark Parlette for his hard work in making CCFP what it is today and for all the help he provided in passing on the organization to me, Heather, Helen, and Jingjing.  Thank you for allowing us to continue the great work you started!

Also, thank you to all the students who expressed interest in joining our organization at the recent Student Activities’ Fair and Servicefest.  We invite you to attend our general interest meeting.  The meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 from 8 to 9 PM in Monroe 116.  We will be giving an overview of the organization and discussing upcoming activities.   Until then, best of luck with classes!  I hope to see you all at the meeting!

– Amanda


New Semester

Hey everyone,

we’ve just kicked off a new semester here at UVa.  I want thank all the new (and not so new) students who stopped by our table at the activities fair to learn more about us.  We hope some of you will find time to work with us this year! We also look forward to meeting people at this Saturday’s servicefest, which will be in the amphitheatre in front of Bryan Hall, from 1-4. 

We’ll be contacting everyone about our first meeting in a week or so.  (If you don’t think we have your email, and you want to hear from us, just let us know at  Until then, have a great first week!

Well Underway

Hey everyone, just thought I’d stop in, now that we’re almost 2 months into the CSA season, to let everyone know that things are going well, and to say a few thank yous.

First off, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated a share!  We really do appreciate it, and so do the families who get to enjoy your donation.   Thanks also to Cherry Stewart, who works with many refugee families in the area and has been helping us find a home for many of those donated shares! ( Since we only have a reliable suppy of CSA shares on Saturdays this year, that’s the only day we do call-ins; most of the shares donated to us that need to be picked up on other days get to a family in need through Cherry.) 

And of course we wouldn’t have a CCFP without the support of Tony Lagana and Ploughshare Community Farm.  Thank you Tony, and all the local farmers in our area for making our markets and our meals so wonderful!

We hope everyone is having a good summer, and don’t forget to keep us in mind if you’re heading out of town and need to figure out something to do with your CSA!

Raffle Tickets at the City Market

Hey everyone, just an update on our Spring Local Food Raffle.  We will be set up at the Downtown Market tomorrow, selling raffle tickets and passing out informational brochures.  Be sure to stop by, chat and buy a few tickets!

Spring Local Food Raffle!

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Concert and the Yum of Real Food talk. And a big thank you to Christa Romanosky for performing and Marga Odahowski for sharing the experience of mindful eating with us.

And now it’s time for, that’s right, our Spring Local Food Raffle!  Tickets are currently for sale, and the drawing will be held on Saturday, May 9th. They’re one dollar a piece (so you might as well buy five or ten or twenty.) So far as prizes we’ve got: a gift certificate and reusable tote from Rebecca’s Natural Food, a gift certificate to Revolutionay Soup, and a gift certificate to Integral Yoga Natural Foods. We’re also working to add a couple prizes to the list between now and the drawing.  All proceeds, as always, will go toward the community shares we provide in our service.

Our gratitude goes out to these establishments that continue to support us and the community, and to all of you!

Earth Week Events!

The CCFP has a couple events coming up, so get out your calendars and call your friends.

On Earth Day (Wed. April 22nd) we’re having a benefit Concert.  When? 8pm.  Where?  Runk Green Room (Runk Hall, UVA– building 10 on this map:  Who’s performing?  Christa Romanosky (country/folk/pop– take a listen here:  $5 Cover charge to raise money for our community shares.  Bring a friend, support a local musician, local farming and fresh, healthy food for Cville residents in need!

On Friday, April 24th, we’re sponsoring a talk, titled The YUM of Real Food.  Who’s giving the talk? Professor Marga Odahowski.  When? 4 pm.  Where?  The International Residential College (building 19 on this map:  No cover charge.  Bring a friend, your ears and your taste buds.

We hope to see you all at both events.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, or for directions:

CCFP Events Upcoming 23rd and 24th

Hey Everyone,

the details are still being sorted out and fine tuned, but it looks like we’ll be having a benefit concert the night of Thursday the 23rd, and a CCFP sponsored talk on the afternoon of Friday the 24th.  We have two wonderful groups who will be performing on the 23rd: The Rock River Gyspies (folk/bluegrass) and Christa Romanosky (folk/pop/country.)  You can check out some of their tunes on Myspace, or just take my word for it: they rock, and not the kind of rock that hurts your ears, but the kind that hurts your soul, it’s so beautiful.  The talk will be given by UVa Professor Marga Odahowski, who will be speaking about Mindfulness and its relation to eating and local food.  Both events are guaranteed to be amazing, so make sure to mark your calendar (probably 8pm Thursday night, 4 or 5 pm Friday afternoon)  A new post with the concrete times and locations will be up soon!